Dear Customer,

We want to thank you for the privilege of cleaning your home. We will do everything we can to make you an extremely satisfied customer.

Special Notice:
Your satisfaction is guaranteed, but we need to hear from you within 24 hours of you cleaning if you are unsatisfied.
Any room you do not want cleaned, please close its door. Remember, therefore, to leave all doors open in rooms you want cleaned.
Any unpaid account will be subject to attorney fees and collection costs.

Anna Gozdan

Our Basic Services

All rooms dusted including pictures, furniture and knick-knacks.
All rooms vacuumed. Light furniture will be moved.
All vinyl and hardwood floors hand washed.
Bathrooms cleaned including tubs, shower doors, tiles, toilets and vanities.
Changing linens on beds if clean linen left out.
Shelves and light fixtures will only be cleaned if they can be reached with a step ladder.
Cabinets and TV screens.
Kitchens cleaned including the outside of appliances, sinks, countertops and outside of cabinets.
Baseboards, ceiling fans, simple light fixtures are cleaned and upholstery vacuumed on a rotating basis.
Cobwebs are removed.
Cleaning of the inside of  toaster ovens and inside of microwave.
Please notify our office for any special cleaning requests.

Extra Charge Services

Ovens and refrigerator cleaning. Prior notice is required so extra time can be scheduled.
Tops of kitchen cabinets.

Special Cleanings

Monthly cleanings are available. Please call to schedule.
These are available only on Mondays or Tuesdays.
Some Saturday appointments are available. Please call to schedule an appointment.
Provide your own cleaning supplies for your piano.

Items Not Included

Pet Accidents
Cleaning inside china cabinets, expensive ornaments or fine china.
Cleaning around the buttons/controls of VCR's, TV's Stereos.
Any expensive items you do not wish to be cleaned, we ask that you place in a closet or cabinet before your team arrives.

Our Policy

Please pick up toys, clothes, reading material, etc. before your team arrives.

Payment is expected at time of service. Please pay by cash or check and put it in a sealed envelope on counter. Call the office to pay by credit card.

Our cancellation policy requires two business days without any charge to you. Less than two business days notice may result in a 50% charge of your normal rate. However, there are sometimes special circumstances or emergencies that we will take into consideration.

We will not be liable for damages caused by your products (i.e., bleach, etc.).

We are not responsible for items not properly mounted.

In the interest of safety, we request that you do not ask our staff to climb on high shelves or bookcases due to the risk of injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the products safe?
  • Do we bring our own supplies?
  • How long does the average cleaning take?
  • Are pets a problem?
  • Does AA Cleaning Service do windows?
  • How about carpets?

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